A sprinkling of new features!

By Otis Long

washwatch.org has been updated with a sprinkling of new features to improve your experience of exploring the website. More statistics, more colour, easier to navigate AND interactive graphics! The new site contains all the same great information on WASH commitments and progress, but with some great new features and additional information to support your advocacy work.

New features include: brand new country summary pages with country related statistics relevant to the WASH sector, an ability to customise pages showing comparisons between multiple countries WASH commitments and progress, and embeddable links across the website that allow you to share information from the WASHwatch website across diverse platforms.

Let’s take a look at these great new features in action!

Embeddable links – We now have embeddable links across the website. This means that it is easy for you to share information from WASHwatch on your website, social media, or in reporting. Here is an example of embedding content from WASHwatch. This is a section of the country summary page that presents the most recent comments made by WASHwatch user’s on progress towards meeting the country’s commitments.

New country summary page.

Our new country summary page now includes an array of statistics related to WASH, such as health, education, and poverty levels.

As an example, I have embedded the statistics on health from Uganda’s summary page.

The summary page also has interactive graphics that show you progress, or lack thereof, of access to water and sanitation in any given country since 1990.

Below is the graphic from Kenya’s summary page that shows access to water. You can see what percentage of the population had access to water from 1990 all the way up to 2014.It also shows the predicted access to water up to 2030 on current trends, and how many more people need to be reached to reach targets.

The same graphic, but for sanitation, presents on every country’s summary page.

Summary comparison page.

All of the new information you can find on a country summary page is now also available on the summary comparison page. Here you can compare progress across as many countries as you like. You can also use the embedded link to display this data on your website.

For example, we have embedded the summary comparison page of countries signed up to SACOSAN here.

By clicking on the relevant commitment, in this case SACOSAN 2011, you can then see the commitment comparison page.This page can also be shown on your website using the embedded link as I have done below.

Then by clicking on a specific commitment you can see the indicator comparison page which shows you the indicators that produce the score for the commitment. From this page you can click on the evidence box, which shows you all the evidence (contributed by you) for the indicator.

Now that you have seen some of the new features of WASHwatch in action, have a look around washwatch.org to see the new features for yourself!

Changes to the website have been designed to allow you to use it more easily whilst getting more from it. Whether you’re a new user of WASHwatch or someone who has used our website before, we’re sure you’ll like the new features, statistics and layout.

For more information or support in using washwatch.org do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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